Powertail // 38mm - 4.8g, 10g

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Slow - 4.8g
Fast - 6.4g
X-Fast - 10g
Slow - 2.4g
XUL - 1.5g
Powertail 38 - Slow - 4.8g - Silver Glitter
Powertail 38 - Slow - 4.8g - White Morning
Natural Minnow
Silver Sardine
Wasabi Ayu
Mango Juice - UV
Peppermint - UV

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Powertail 38 Lure Description:

The Power Tail 38 mm is the intermediate size of the new Fiiish lure for the light spinning fishing . It is a lure designed for freshwater fishing and sea fishing, being the best proven hard lure for spinning fishing.

This new lure concept has been patented with the initials PTC (Power Tail Concept) , and its success in combining a realistic body and a transparent blade that emits strong vibrations.

The Power Tail imitates perfectly to a fry that swims calmly or flees depending on the speed of retrieval, and completing the range of successful soft lures from Fiiish, the Black Minnow and Crazy Sand Eel.

Lure recommended for spinning fishing trout, bass, walleye, perch, barbel and sea bass, horse mackerel, obladas, vaquitas, bailas, pomfret, bonito, mackerel, little tunny...

Types of movement of the Powertail 38:

  • Linear collection near the surface, midwater or near the bottom.
  • Pickup in saw teeth.
  • Throw and hold in the stream without picking up. It vibrates without having to take any action.

Powertail 38 Lure Specifications:

  • Length: 38mm
  • Models:
    • Slow Action : Weight: 4.8 g. Maximum number of bites to the fall or in very shallow water. Made of resin to make a slow fall.
    • X-Fast action : Weight: 10 g. Extra long casts for a lure of just 3.8 cm. Manufactured in Lead.
  • Hook size: 12

References: PWT569, PWT806, PWT560 and PWT568.

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