Hart Toro Blues Casting Rod // 1/4-1oz, 3/8-1.1/2oz / 7´1", 7´3"


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Hart Toro Blues Casting Rod Description:

Ultra versatile casting rod for those who do not want to complicate their lives and use "one for everything".

Powerful but not very dry, ideal for fishing with almost all kinds of techniques except finesse and swimbaits, for everything else it can be used with guarantees of success.

Mounted with SIC type K rings and custom casting reel seat in C-40X carbon.

Fabric cover.

Hart Toro Blues Casting Rod Features:

Model Length Action Hardness stretches Weight
DTHTBLC71MH 7´1" (2.16m) 1/4-1oz (7-28g) Medium Heavy 1 150g
DTHTBLC73H 7´3" (2.21m) 3/8-1.1/2 (10-56g) Heavy 1 160g

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