Daiwa Emblem Surf 19 SCW Quick Drag Surfcasting Reel // 45


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Daiwa Emblem Surf 19 SCW Quick Drag reel description:

The Daiwa Emblem Surf 19 45 SCW Quick Drag reel is the perfect choice for anglers looking for a powerful and resistant tool for the sea . Designed to withstand the most adverse conditions, this model has a series of features that make it stand out from the competition.

The reel is protected by MagSealed oil , a technology that makes it resistant to water and impurities, guaranteeing a unique longevity. The 6 bearings of the Emblem Surf 19 45 SCW Quick Drag are anti-corrosion treated to offer extra protection.

This reel features two complementary spools, one size 35 and one size 45. The spool swing height is 35 and 45mm respectively, allowing the angler to use the right size for every fishing situation.

In addition, the SCW model incorporates the Slow CrossWrap oscillation system, which offers more precise storage through contiguous turns during recovery. Meanwhile, the CW model has a moderate oscillation that many surfcasting enthusiasts prefer for its precision.

The Quick Drag allows you to switch from free drag mode to a full brake combat mode with just a half turn of the knob. The round HIP line clip is mounted on a high quality spring, allowing casting distance to be marked in order to reposition the mount in the same spot on the next cast.

This reel also boasts a number of design features that make it even more attractive to anglers. The frame and rotor are made of technical polycarbonate to offer greater resistance without sacrificing lightness. The folding aluminum crank allows for easy transport, while the spring-mounted metal HP line clip is very robust and prevents breakage.

Finally, the Daiwa Emblem Surf 19 45 SCW Quick Drag reel also features anti-tangle guides on the shaft and rotor, which prevents the line from slipping under the spool and improves casting efficiency. With all these features, it's not hard to see why this reel is a popular choice among sea anglers.

    Daiwa Emblem Surf 19 SCW Quick Drag reel features:

    • Fist: T
    • Ratio (/1): 4.9.
    • TMV: 104cm.
    • Weight: 630g.
    • Capacity: 300mm/0.35mm.
    • Brake: 15kg.
    • Coil: Q544601/N10503E.

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