Daiwa Lexa E LT 2019 Spinning Reel // 2500, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000

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Daiwa Lexa E LT 2019 Reel Description:

Daiwa Lexa E LT 2019: The best sea fishing reel for strong fishing

With a combination of LT technology and an aluminum frame, the 2019 Daiwa Lexa E LT reel is a premium product for sea anglers. Designed for strong fishing, it has MagSealed technology that ensures the isolation of the frame in the sea mist and protects the reel from corrosive elements. The ATD (Automatic Tournament Drag) drag ensures controlled fights with retention and progressivity, while the Tough Digigear control wheel offers fluid and powerful rotation, even in the middle of a fight.

The forged aluminum spool features the embossed Daiwa logo, emphasizing its strength and strength. This LT+ reel maintains the lightness of the LT concept, but has a higher power component, making it ideal for heavy fishing.

The aluminum frame and DS64 polycarbonate Air Rotor offer excellent strength and durability. The five bearings and the roller bearing make the reel smooth and easy to use. The cross-spiral winding ensures better control over the line, while the Air Handle screw-in aluminum monobloc crank is ultra-light and easy to handle.

If you are looking for the best sea fishing reel for heavy fishing, the Daiwa Lexa E LT 2019 is the perfect choice. With cutting-edge technology and a durable design, this reel is the perfect tool to take your fishing skills to the next level.

    Daiwa Lexa E LT 2019 reel features:

    Model Fist Ratio (/1) TMV Weight Nylon Braided Brake
    2500 you 5.3 75cm 235g 150m/0.20mm 200m-0.10mm 10kg
    3000 you 5.2 77cm 260g 150m/0.23mm 200m-0.13mm 10kg
    4000 SC XH you 6.2 99cm 270g 150m/0.23mm 200m-0.13mm 12kg
    5000SC you 5.2 87cm 280g 150m/0.28mm 200m-0.18mm 12kg
    6000S T+ 5.1 92cm 380g 150m/0.37mm 200m-0.20mm 12kg

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