Daiwa Tatula Casting Reel // 100, 200

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100 HSL
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Daiwa Tatula reel description:

If you are looking for a compact and easy to use baitcasting reel, look no further than the Daiwa Tatula 2018. Weighing in at less than 200g in its 100 size, this reel is perfect for long days of fishing. The 34mm spool and TWS system ensure that the line comes off the spool smoothly and smoothly, minimizing the chance of tangling.

The MagForce Z magnetic brake , with its 20 adjustment ranges, allows for exceptional braking precision in a wide variety of situations. The UTD system with carbon discs, combined with Zaion's star brake cap, provides smooth and consistent braking, even under extreme loads.

This reel has 7+1 bearings for extremely fluid rotation, and its frame and cover are made of aluminum for greater durability and resistance. The aluminum spool and 100mm double crank with "Swept Handle" profile and oversized non-slip grips ensure a comfortable and easy-to-use experience. Plus, its left-hand crank is perfect for lefties.

In short, the Daiwa Tatula 2018 is a high-quality, high-performance baitcasting reel, offering great value and unique features that make it stand out.

Daiwa Tattoo Features:

Model Size Ratio Recovery Brake Weight Ability
100 HSL 100 6.3:1 67cm 5kg 200g 110m/0.31mm
100HL 100 7.1:1 75cm 5kg 200g 110m/0.31mm
100 XSL 100 8.1:1 86cm 5kg 200g 110m/0.31mm
200HL 200 6.3:1 71cm 6kg 230g 170m/0.33mm

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