Cinnetic Big CRBK Spinning Reel// 8000

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Description of the Cinnetic Big CRBK:

The Cinnetic Big CRBK is a robust and fast fishing reel designed for those anglers who require high quality equipment. With a 4.6:1 ratio, this reel offers increased speed to catch the fastest, strongest fish.

The large-capacity, double-anodized, drilled aluminum spool allows for higher line capacity and smoother performance. Additionally, the rigid CRBK alloy body and 4.6:1 gear ratio provide increased strength and durability.

The machined aluminum crank with a large EVA HD combat knob offers a comfortable and secure grip, while the oversized steel pick-up handle provides additional control. In addition, the progressive brake of up to 14Kg ensures precise and effective braking.

The stainless steel main shaft and bearings ensure greater resistance to corrosion, while the titanium nitride-coated line guide offers greater wear resistance and smoother performance. With special gears that increase durability and resistance to fatigue, the Cinnetic Big CRBK is a reliable option for those anglers looking for a high-quality reel.

Additionally, this fishing reel is an excellent option for those looking to optimize their performance and online presence, as it is optimized for better search engine visibility. With an attractive and detailed description, the Cinnetic Big CRBK is an ideal choice for those anglers looking for a quality reel and a solid online presence.

Features of the Cinnetic Big CRBK:

  • Size: 8000.
  • Bearings: 5+1.
  • Brake power: 14kg.
  • Ratio: 4.6:1.
  • Coil capacity: 0.40/400(mm/m).
  • Weight: 700g.
  • Recovery: 102cm.

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