Daiwa Dynastar Casting Reel // 150

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Daiwa Dynastar reel description:

The Daiwa Dynastar is a round profile fishing reel specially designed for vertical sea fishing with lures up to 120g. This rugged reel is the perfect partner for catching Haddock, Snapper, Bass and Cod from a boat. With an impressive red and black look, it features an aluminum Super Metal Body frame and a double round EVA grip that provides excellent grip even in the wettest conditions.

The Dynastar is equipped with a powerful star drag system that allows you to easily adjust the resistance during the fight with the fish. Additionally, it features 2 high-quality bearings and a roller bearing to ensure smooth and reliable operation at all times.

This Daiwa Dynastar reel has a strong and durable aluminum frame and covers that protect the internal components from corrosion. The anodized aluminum spool is large enough to handle a large amount of fishing line and the quick retrieve system allows for quick and easy retrieval of the lure.

The Daiwa Dynastar's aluminum single crank features a large round EVA Power grip that offers excellent comfort and a firm grip. Additionally, the crank is positioned on the left side for right-handed anglers, allowing for greater precision and control while fishing. In short, the Daiwa Dynastar is a strong, reliable and efficient reel that will meet the needs of any experienced or beginner angler.

    Daiwa Dynastar reel features:

    Model Fist Ratio (/1) TMV Weight Nylon Brake
    DYN17150L OR EVE 5.8 61cm 260g 200m/PE2mm 3kg

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