Shimano Spheros SW A Spinning Reel // 4000, 5000, 8000

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Description of the Shimano Spheros SW A reel:

Introducing the Shimano Spheros SW A, a great value saltwater spinning reel that combines advanced technology and durability. This reel is available in a wide variety of sizes, making it a great choice for saltwater fishing, from inshore light and medium lure fishing to tropical popper fishing for catching larger species such as minnows. GT and more aggressive tunas.

One of the main features of the Spheros SW is Shimano's Infinity Drive technology, which provides easier and more powerful winding. Additionally, it features a HAGANE body and X-SHIP gears that ensure maximum winding power. It also comes equipped with Cross Carbon drag washers and COREPROTECT technology, ensuring the reel is extremely strong and reliable.

The Spheros SW is available in sizes C3000-3000-4000, making it a great option for saltwater spinning from shore. This reel features a HAGANE aluminum body that is resistant to twisting under pressure, allowing anglers to tackle the most challenging situations with ease. In addition, its X-Protect Body (IPX8), Drag (IPX8) and Line Roller (IPX8) provide excellent protection against saltwater, ensuring that the reel lasts longer.

The Spheros SW also features an AR-C spool for increased casting performance and is a versatile reel that can be used for jigging, popping and bottom fishing without fear of any species. In short, the Shimano Spheros SW A is a high-quality reel that offers an excellent balance of technology and price, making it a great choice for saltwater anglers of all experience levels.

Features of the Shimano Spheros SW A reel:

4000XG 4+1 11kg 280g 6.2:1  main nylon (mm-m)(Mono)0.30-180/0.35-130 99cm
5000XG 4+1 12KG 310g 6.4:1 0.30-220/0.35-150 102cm
8000HG 4+1 13kg 665g 5.6:1 0.37-275,0.405-230,0.47-160 107cm

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