Daiwa Lexa Winngrip Reel 2020 Casting // 300


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Daiwa Lexa Winngrip 2020 Reel Description:

Discover the Daiwa Lexa Winngrip 2020! This sea fishing reel not only offers all the power and performance of the Lexa series, but also provides unmatched comfort and control. Its aluminum body and MagForce magnetic drag make it perfect for sea fishing, and it features a unique design with a round Winn Grip custom fighting grip that fits your hand perfectly. In addition, its UTD carbon brake has a capacity of 10 kg, which will allow you to have authoritative and winning fights.

The carbon disc brake on this reel features UTD technology, which guarantees unparalleled performance. In addition, with 6 bearings and 2 CRBBs , the 2020 Daiwa Lexa Winngrip provides you with a smooth and trouble-free fishing experience. With an aluminum frame and cap and aluminum spool, this reel is built to last.

Its aluminum single crank is easy to use, and its large custom non-slip grip makes it comfortable to hold during long fishing sessions. Also, for right handed anglers, the crank is located on the left side. If you are looking for a quality sea fishing reel, look no further than the 2020 Daiwa Lexa Winngrip.

Daiwa Lexa Winngrip 2020 Reel Features:

  • Fist: O+Winn.
  • Ratio: 7.1.
  • TMV: 84cm.
  • Weight: 320g.
  • Nylon: 180m.
  • Brake: 10kg.
  • Coil: 7022730.

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