Tailwalk Elan Wide Power 2 71BL Casting Reel



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Tailwalk Elan Wide Power 2 71BL Reel Description:

The Tailwalk Elan Wide Power 2 reel is a Baitcasting reel designed for fishing predators in saltwater such as Serviolas, Dentex, Bonitos, Snappers, Groupers or Catfish in freshwater. A very versatile reel with great power that will serve us for fishing such as Slow - Jigging, Jigging with vinyls, Tai-Rubber and even for fishing in which we need a cast such as catfish in freshwater.

It mounts two brake systems for the thread exit: the centrifugal brake with 6 levels of resistance, by pins and the mechanical brake. With them we can control the speed of fall of the lure in vertical fishing and avoid the formation of wigs due to a too fast exit of the line in the sets. It also includes the "Syncro Level Wind System" that makes the thread guide continue to move at the thread exit (instead of only at the retraction), thus facilitating its exit and minimizing friction.

Tailwalk Elan Wide Power 2 71BL Reel Features:

  • Ratio: 7.1:1
  • Max brake: 12kg
  • Capacity: PE3 - 220m or economic fill up to 300m coil line of PE1
  • Pickup per turn of the crank: 78 cm.
  • Weight: 315g
  • Simple handle with 2 positions at 60mm and 75mm.
  • Neoprene protection bag included

For this reel, the rods from the HOWK range they are a perfect complement

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