Geecrack Bellows Gill Vinyl // 2", 2.8'', 3.8''

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Description of Geecrack Bellows Gill Vinyl:

This magnificent vinyl , also known as sole or sole , has been specially designed for fishing on the shore and from a boat for blackbass, pike and other predators that move through fresh water.

In addition, this vinyl is fantastically effective against saltwater predators on our coasts (especially with sparids ).

Its characteristic and intense smell attracts from the smallest to the largest predators!

The WeFish team has verified and can attest to the effectiveness of this lure combined with the heads Cheburaska , the Vassallo de Magbite and the Rais Spotter hooks and Black Minnow hooks .

Its color and its laminar texture favors fishing and draws the attention of the prey that we want to capture. It catches and releases a large amount of bubbles once it is close to the bottom. It is a vinyl that can be used in many ways; very versatile , and, if you are a creative fisherman, surely you are already thinking of different ways to use it.

Characteristics of Vinyl Geecrack Bellows Gill

Guy Size(cm) units
2'' 5cm 6ud
2.8'' 7.1cm 6ud
3.8'' 9.6cm 5ud

This product enjoys the WEFISH GUARANTEE (Tested and endorsed by the WeFish team and its collaborators in terms of quality and efficacy).

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