Conical bridges 220m

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0.16 - 0.57mm
0.18 - 0.57mm
0.20 - 0.57mm
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Description of VERCELLI TAPERED Thread

Spools of 220 meters of monofilament made of high quality copolymer. They are made up of 200 meters of nylon in a fine and perfectly calibrated diameter , finished in a robust 0.57 mm conical bridge. The absence of connection knots facilitates a quick and smooth sliding of the line as it passes through the rings, helping us to gain those vital casting meters that often make the difference between fishing and failure. The powerful 0.57mm end perfectly absorbs the impact of the hardest casts . Multicolored.

Characteristics of VERCELLI TAPERED Thread

Diameter Endurance
0.16-0.57mm 3.60kg

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