Señuelo Deep Egi Tiger // 3.0

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Description of the Deep Egi Tiger 3.0 10.5cm lure:

Jatsui's Deep Egi make up a wide range of lures created for cephalopod fishing .

It is an egi designed for spinning or eging fishing of cephalopods from land and from boat. It is capable of reaching considerable distances thanks to its perfect balance.

They have state-of-the-art technological features: in fact, they are covered with an ultraviolet ligament fabric , the fluorescence being part of the fabric itself, not subsequently treated. This detail makes the fluorescence decidedly more durable and resistant. Sheet ballast painted in high visibility colors.

In addition, all colors have a finish called Natural Simulation , made with colored fibers that are actually present in nature.

Each egi is then embellished with a 3D LUMO effect eye that gives the Deep Egi a completely natural look. The body is made with a first level 3D technology, which balances the entire lure.

The Deep Egi are equipped with Owner's new Cultiva basket, extremely iron-like which minimizes the risk of disengagement.

Versatile model for cephalopod fishing. Especially effective when fishing from shore. Behavior simulating a natural bait. This bow tie or squid should be moved with intermittent jerks for optimal results. Eging fishing .

Features of the Deep Egi Tiger 3.0 10.5cm lure:

  • Weight: 14.5g
  • Size: 10.5cm
  • Sink: 5.5 s/m
  • 'Tiger' finish in different colours.

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