Señuelo Egi Kabo Squid Silky 10cm 3.0 - 9cm 2.5

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9cm 2.5
10cm 3.0

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Description of the Kabo Squid Silky 10cm 3.0 - 9cm 2.5 lure:

Jatsui's Kabo Squid make up a wide range of lures created for cephalopod fishing .

The Kabo Squid egis are made of high quality materials with very attractive color combinations. Silk lining for good visibility and to stimulate cephalopod attacks, 3D eyes , very thin and resistant steel baskets to facilitate penetration.

Versatile model for cephalopod fishing. Especially effective when fishing from shore. Behavior simulating a natural bait. This bow tie or squid should be moved with intermittent jerks for optimal results. Eging fishing .

Characteristics of the Kabo Squid Silky 10cm 3.0 - 9cm 2.5 lure:

Size Weight Sinking
10cm - #3.0 14g 5.5 s/m
8cm - #2.5 9g 4s/m
  • 'Silky' finish in different colours.

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