PoweryMax Lithium Battery // PX5, PX10, PX25 TX50

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Description of the PoweryMax Lithium Battery:

More capacity, more autonomy , more devices to feed. The revolution in fishing from a Boat, Duck, Kayak or Catamaran has come from PoweryMax, reliable, safe and truly portable batteries applicable to all extreme or outdoor sports where electronic devices need to be recharged or powered.

Last generation to feed 12v electric motors both for fishing from Boat, Duck, Kayak or Catamaran. You can also power your electronic equipment at the same time that you recharge or power your electronic devices. 2 applications in 1 . Reliable, Light, Waterproof and Durable .

PoweryMax Lithium Battery Features:

  • PX10 model: 10Ah
  • PX20 model: 20Ah
  • TX50 model: 50Ah
  • smart charger
  • Device connection cable
  • Pair of waterproof connectors
  • Heat shrink sleeve

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