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Crotalo description:

Noisy and with a narrow waist, the Crotalo is a walker from the Payo International brand that projects the leap in quality that the Korean house wants to print on its products. Its 33gr, its 130mm and well armed with trebles, make it a medium size walker usable in most situations where a walker is the right tool to catch predatory fish.

The Crotalo has a classic shape, with a narrow waist. These types of shapes allow walkers an easy and wide Walking the Dog . With more volume in the bottom to facilitate its flight and reach great distances. The design of its head also draws attention, in the purest oriental style, very marked and defined lines. Big eyes.

Two balls inside are responsible for its sound exciter . With each stroke of the rod, the Crotalo will emit a dry and serious sound that spreads in the water in all directions. The painting is also remarkable, liveries very worked and very well finished. Plus enough range to tackle any fishing situation. When we talk about strollers we don't need a rainbow of colors.

From the packaging, Payo wants to show his intentions. A textured cardboard box in green tones and inside protected by two sheets of foam rubber present the Crotalo with its treble hooks held by rubber bands so that the lure does not get scratched.

Characteristics of the Crotalo:

  • Length: 130mm
  • Weight: 33 grams
  • Type: Floating

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