Spinnerbait Megabass V Flat Power Bomb // 10g, 14g

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9 Killer Pink
1 Firecraw
11 Fire Shad (SP-C)
4 Zabon
7 Philippine Banana
3 Hot Tiger
5 Pearl Lime II
10 Gills

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Megabass V Flat Power Bomb Description:

The Megabass V Flat Power Bomb spinnerbait is a compact, heavyweight lure designed to churn through water for reactionary bites where other spinners would not. Despite not being a large spinner, it is more than suitable for fishing with very slow retrievals (Slow Rolling).

Its well-known V Flat head helps to achieve great casts thanks to its aerodynamic shape.

Its characteristic blades, the Chidori Spin Blades , achieve an irregular movement thanks to the shape they have, contrasting with the constant and monotonous movement of the classic shapes of the blades.

Megabass V Flat Power Bomb Features:

Two sizes:

  • 10g - 3/8oz
  • 14g - 1/2oz
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