Braided Major Craft Dangan Braid x8 300m

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Description of Major Craft Dangan Braid X8 300M thread

Braided with 300 meters of multicolor Major Craft Dangan X8, this multifilament made in Japan has great softness , low elongation and high sensitivity .

Manufactured using a new process that infers almost zero elasticity and with excellent sensitivity that will help us feel any type of movement under water. Its coating gives it great resistance over time , and eliminates friction with the rings as much as possible. In short, a high quality braid at a very affordable price for any pocket.

The multicolor model changes color every 10 meters, thus achieving great visibility of the meters at which we are working the lure.

Major Craft Dangan Braid X8 300M Thread Specifications:

  • Coil: 300m
  • Colour: multi-coloured
  • Models:
    • PE 0.8 (0.10mm) 16 LBS (6.9kg)
    • PE 1.0 (0.13mm) 20 LBS (9kg)
    • PE 1.2 (0.16mm) 25LBS (11.4kg)
    • PE 1.5 (0.19mm) 30 LBS (12.3kg)

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