Señuelo Egi Major Craft Bait Kizo Bait Feather Tip Run - 3.5 // 30, 40g

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Description of the Major Craft Bait Kizo Bait Feather TR:

The Major Craft Bait Kizo Bait Feather squid jig is a lure specifically designed for the "tip run" technique of cephalopod fishing, a fun technique to enjoy these animals from a boat or kayak.

It has a fin close to the tail that provides stability in the water, and two other lateral ones that offer movement and vibration, which together with the realism of the head, make this egi tremendously attractive to the eyes of squids and cuttlefish.

Its finishes together with its glow make it an irresistible bow tie for cephalopods

Features of the Major Craft Bait Kizo Bait Feather TR :

Size Length Weight Drop
3.5 12cm 30 1sec/m
3.5 12cm 40 1sec/m

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