Alaskan Centurion tracking wading boots

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Description of Alaskan Centurion tracking wading boots

The Alaskan Centurion Tracking wading boots are a summer 2021 novelty. They are specially designed for fishing on soft ground (dirt, clay, sand). This model can be used not only for fishing, but also for hunting, as well as for any outdoor activities. Alaskan Centurion Tracking Boots are made of the highest quality synthetic materials . The toe and heel of the boot are reinforced with rubber. The hard tip of the boot protects the foot from accidental blows against stones. The boots are equipped with a rubber sole (Tracking) for use in water with a soft bottom. The molded sole lightens the weight of the boots. The Alaskan Centurion Felt is one of the lightest and most comfortable boots for wading fishing . To prolong the life of your boots, we recommend that you check that the felt sole remains clean and dry after each use.

Characteristics of the Alaskan Centurion tracking wading boots

  • The hard construction fixes the ankle securely;
  • The toe and heel of the boot are reinforced with special rubber details;
  • The heel bump makes it easy to remove the boots;
  • Comfortable quick lacing system;
  • metal loops;
  • Holes for water drainage;
  • Vertical loop for easy dressing of boots;
  • Durable nylon laces;
  • Rubber sole;
  • Easy to clean, dry quickly
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