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Description of lure BABYFACE SM85-S

The compact version of the SM135-S with an 85mm body is a perfect size for the predators in our waters.

The Babyface SM85-S lure is a small, very compact lipless hard lure (without bib), which highlights its olive leaf-shaped back blade. Created by Ryusuke Hayashi in Japan for sport anglers around the world looking to try different lures.

A sophisticated body and blade design achieves a stable and fluid swimming position when retrieving it linearly or fishing vertically. Its hard body, built in durable materials to face predators of all kinds, 85 mm in size attached to the rear blade makes it a very attractive lure for predators, emitting a large amount of vibration and flashes thanks to the rear blade.

Thanks to the achieved shape of the body , the cast is maximized. Its design and compact shape mean that it does not oppose resistance to the frontal wind, achieving a good casting capacity. In addition, the weight distribution inside the lure makes it an arrow. The inner weight is uniquely designed to provide an extremely long launch distance, an ideal landing position to be attacked and a very attractive linear swim in fast retrieval.

The Babyface SM85-S's rear blade adds the sparkle and vibration that attracts predatory fish.

How to use Babyface JB85-S?

Perfect for use from beach areas to deep areas. The SM85-S is a great caster perfect for linear retrieval, free falling and retrieval at your desired depth, or vertical fishing.

  • Linear Pickups: Throw it and pick it up at the speed you want. The blade creates the flashing effect to attract predators. You can also cast it, let it free fall, and retrieve it at the desired depth.
  • Vertical: The vertical bites are very violent. Keep it still and with the drift or current the blade will flash.
  • Sawtooth: Cast it and trade quick retrieves with parries keeping tension on the lure. Most of the bites will occur in the starts.

Babyface M60SR-S Features

  • Length: 85mm
  • Weight: 20g
  • Type: Sinking - Sunk
  • Hook: #10

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