Vinyl BaitBreath Bys Noisy Craw // 3.5''

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BaitBreath Bys Noisy Craw Vinyl Description

Looking for an effective lure for Black Bass fishing? The BaitBreath Bys Noisy Craw 3.5" vinyl is an excellent option. Its crab shape with two "Sickle" type claws and a conical body with fringes that simulate the legs of this animal, give it a very realistic appearance in the water.

In addition, this lure emits a large amount of vibrations thanks to its oscillating movement when it goes deep with its pincers, which makes it irresistible to fish. That is why BaitBreath Noisy Craw vinyls are one of the most used by Black Bass anglers.

Frequent questions:

  1. How should BaitBreath Bys Noisy Craw Vinyl be used? This lure can be used mounted on the Texas or with a jig head, and it is recommended to use it in areas with vegetation and structures where the Black Bass hides.

  2. What makes it so effective for Black Bass fishing? The oscillating movement and the vibrations that this vinyl emits when going deeper with its claws, perfectly imitate the movement of a crab, which makes it irresistible for the Black Bass.

  3. In which situations is it recommended to use BaitBreath Bys Noisy Craw Vinyl? This lure is especially effective when fishing for Black Bass in areas with vegetation and structures, as the crablike appearance and movement of the lure is very realistic in these areas.

  4. Can BaitBreath Bys Noisy Craw Vinyl be used in salt water? Yes, this lure is compatible in both freshwater and saltwater, so it can be used for fishing different species of fish.

  5. How many come in a pack of BaitBreath Bys Noisy Craw Vinyl? The BaitBreath Bys Noisy Craw Vinyl package includes 6 units of the lure.

Remember that this product has the WEFISH guarantee , which means that it has been tested and endorsed by the WeFish team and its collaborators in terms of quality and effectiveness. Don't think twice and add the BaitBreath Bys Noisy Craw vinyl to your tackle box to increase your chances of catching.

Features of the Vinyl BaitBreath Bys Noisy Craw

  • Size: 88mm
  • Units: 6 units

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