Bassday Gyokusai Floating Minnow // 135mm

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Bassday Gyokusai 135F Lure Description:

The Bassday Gyokusai 135F has a 14.5-gram, 8-millimeter-diameter piston. In addition to the extra long barrel there is a torsion spring locking system that really curls the curl.

It guarantees stellar movement even at low speed, in addition the toy "feels" in the hands and it is easy to maintain contact in conditions of strong contrary wind, waves and at night. Another thing that should also be noted is that the Bassday Gyokusai 135F is floating , that is, it does not go down more than one meter.

Bassday Gyokusai 135F Lure Specifications:

  • Measurements: 135mm
  • Weight: 31.7g

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