SUGAPEN Floating 70mm // 4,3g

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high hol pink
Metallic halfbeak

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Description of the SUGAPEN 95F BASSDAY lure:

The Bassday Sugapen Lure is presented to be the Pencil bait that will go further, stylized, aerodynamically shaped and with its own personality. Features a slim, lightweight minnow silhouette. The Bassday Sugapen F lure stands out for its small format that will make us achieve a perfect imitation of a small grass fish. Its body has a small curvature in the mouth that will allow it to make an erratic movement, ideal for sea bass and other predators that lose their shape when they see it walking in front of them, as if it were not a thing with it. The Bassday Sugapen F lure is ideal for calm waters where nobody dares to disturb the peace of the place.

BASSDAY SUGAPEN 95F Lure Specifications:

  • Length: 7CM
  • Weight: 4.3g
  • Rigging: 2 No. 8 treble hooks
  • Version: Floating

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