Black Minnow Size 1 - 70mm // 3g, 4.5g, 6g

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Black Minnow 70 - Combo - Shore - Kaki
Sexy Brown
Black Minnow 70 - Combo - Shore - Ghost Minnow
Khaki - Khaki Pailleté
Silver Strike
Sparkling Brown
Lime Juice
Green Glitter Spain SC
Electric Blue
Black Minnow 70 - Combo - Off Shore - Blanc - JH Rouge
 Black Minnow 70 - Doble Combo - Shore - Kaki - Ghost Minnow
White JH Red - Electric Blue
 Black Minnow 70 - Doble Combo - Shore - Rose Fluo
Zincky Khaki
Talla 1
Combo Shore
2 Shore Jig Head
2 Search Jig Head
Off Shore Combo
2 Off Shore Jig Head
2 Extra Deep Jig Head
Double Shore Combo
Doble Combo Off Shore
1 Zincky Jig head
4 Hook Krog Premium VMC

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Description of BLACK MINNOW 70:

The main virtue of the Black Minow 70 is the naturalness of swimming. It is a leaded vinyl for fishing any predator, since its movement will start bites from even the most suspicious species, both in fresh and salt water . It has a soft touch, with organic colors to adapt to each scenario. One of the main qualities of the Black Minnow is its active and transparent tail , which gives more reality to the whole and is effective both in sea and in fresh water. Minimalist design where perciform shapes prevail without stridency.

The way to house the hook in the Black Minnow 70 is efficient and safe . The body of the lure is divided into two, an upper hole that exits the hook that allows it not to tear the vinyl and leaves a very compact assembly. It is a Texas rig, discreet in the eyes of the fish and prepared to avoid snagging on branches or rocks.

IMPORTANT: Attach the vinyl to the jig head with a bead of quick glue . Fiiish Black Minnow Quick Glue

Includes jig head, with hook and assembled body plus an extra spare body

The model reference (70, 90, 120, 140) indicates the total length of the lure, in millimeters (mm), once assembled with the Offshore type head.

Shore Articulated Head : Goes deeper in the water faster. Indicated for deep areas.

Off Shore Articulating Head : Get deeper in the water faster. Indicated for deep areas.

Black Minnow Hooks: Special VMC hooks for Black Minnow rigging.

BLACK MINNOW 70 models:

ComboSearch :

1 Shore
1 hook
2 bodies

Combo Shore:

1 Shore
1 hook
2 body

Combo OffSearch:

1 search
1 hook
2 bodies

Off Shore Combo:

1 Extra Deep
1 hook
2 bodies

Double Shore Combo:

2 hooks
1 body
1 body

Extra Deep Combo:

1 Extra Deep
1 hook
2 bodies

Double Combo Special Trout:

2 Shore
2 hooks
2 bodies

Double Combo Search:

2 hooks
1 body
1 body

Double Combo Off Shore:

2 Off Shore
2 hooks
1 body
1 body


4 bodies

At WeFish , as ambassadors of the Black Minnow brand, we invite you to try this lure. We can more than ensure that it is the lure that catches the most in our store.

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