Señuelo Blaster Shad 160 - COMBO // 160mm - 53g

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Piky Khaki
Sexy Bream
White Coconut

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Description of the BLASTER SHAD 160 - COMBO lure:

The Fiiish Blaster Shad is a lure dedicated to pike fishing which allows you to adapt to many fishing conditions.

Equipped with the Player Concept , which allows you to adjust the weight of the head according to your needs, you can fish at different depths, at different speeds, with various body options on the same head. You will be prepared for any situation!

There are endless combinations: Zinc blocks (3g) are meant to increase the weight of the head, the more zinc block you have, the deeper and/or faster you will fish. To prevent the head from filling with air, it is mandatory that 4 blocks be placed in the cavity of the lure head. The plastic blocks (0g) have this function and do not cause the lure to descend since their weight is neutral.

Blaster Shad bodies are injection molded from a formulated plastic in Japan. This manufacturing process and this material give it greater resistance and longevity. Multi-injection makes it possible to obtain colored bodies in the mass. This coloration allows to obtain incomparable and long-lasting natural nuances and depths.

The brand has put a lot of work into the design of the body, to allow it to swim at a very low speed while moving as much water as possible. The emitted low frequency wave will irradiate a large volume of water and make the lure visible from afar. The inverted paddle gives it high reactivity and NON-STOP swimming, it comes into action during all fishing phases, both during braking and during reel recovery.

Characteristics of the BLASTER SHAD 160 - COMBO lure:

  • Size: 16cm.
  • Weight: From 48g to 58g
  • Available colors: Piky Kaki, White coconut and Sexy bream.

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