Señuelo Minnow Blueblue Blooowin // 8g, 14g / 12.5cm, 8cm

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Description of the Blueblue Blooowin lure:

Blueblue Bloowin 80S: Slender sinking jerk minnow that thanks to its internal tungsten counterweights launches like no other, even in the worst wind conditions. Perfect for fishing in breakers, with a very pronounced wobling roll, both in linear pickups and with light jerks of our rod. When we stop our collection, the lure descends with its head downwards and zigzags out frantically as soon as we print a reel or a touch to our tip

Blueblue Bloowin 125F: Slender floating jerk minnow with great casting capacity thanks to its internal tungsten counterweights. Perfect for linear collections in which it will show its efficient rollwobling, as well as for handling it jerking with intermittent pauses, where it will show all its power of attraction even with the least active fish.

Features of the Blueblue Blooowin lure:

Length Weight
80mm 8g
125mm 14g

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