TICT MEBARING STAR L // 3g, 3.5g, 4g

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TICT MEABARING STAR Jig Head Description:

The Tict Mebaring Star jig head has a very specific head design and an interesting hook.

The design of the head of the Tict Mebaring Star was born from the need to be able to work with linear pickups and still achieve the necessary rolling effect for the vinyl to wiggle freely. The Japanese say that the shape is almost molded by the water and that this way it can work with maximum naturalness , which often proves to be a winner when rockfishing.

In the same way, the Tict Mebaring Star jig head hook has an original design developed to maximize the impact of the hook and hold firmly on the upper part of the palate. It is made of carbon steel for maximum resistance and allows forcing, to its extent, to be able to move the fish away from the rocks or get them out of their hole. This Japanese brand makes very select and quality products, absolutely specialized and we like these little things, the Tict Mebaring Star is an example of that fortunate productivity that we can enjoy on our fishing trips.

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