Cinnetic Armed Bass Game Casting Rod // 1/4-5/8oz, 1/4-1oz, 3/8-1oz, 5/16-3oz / 6´8", 7´0", 7´2", 7 ´10"

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Cinnetic Armed Bass Game Casting Rod Description:

The Cinnetic Armed Bass Game Casting is an exclusive freshwater model for bass fishing and other freshwater predators such as walleye, pike or European perch.

Each model is developed to cover very specific techniques , which are determined and indicated on the rod blank itself (crankbait, texas, jig...).

The type of construction, as well as the alloys used in each model, varies depending on each technique to achieve efficient behavior and maximum performance , the use of carbon with different tonnages, latest generation resins and high quality components being a common denominator. and durability.

Cinnetic Armed Bass Game Casting Rod Features:

Length Hardness Action Type of action stretches
Line Weight Technique
6´8" Medium 1/4-5/8oz Regular 1 6-14lb 135g Hard Baits
7´0" Medium 1/4-1oz Regular 1 10-17lb 195g Crank Baits
7´2" Heavy 3/8-1oz Regular Fast 1 12-20lbs 150g Texas / Jig / Upright
7´10" Heavy 5/16-3oz Regular 1 14-25lbs 195g Swimbait / Big Spoon

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