Cinnetic Crafty CRB4 Dart'N Spin Spinning Rod // 5-15g, 5-20g, 5-25g, 7-27g, 7-35g, 7-40g / 2.10m, 2.20m, 2.37m 2.58m, 2.67m, 2.85m

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Description of the Cinnetic Crafty CRB4 Dart'N Spin rod:

The Cinnetic Crafty CRB4 Dart'N Spin is a new model of the CRAFTY CRB4 range, sensitive and ultra-fast that, built under the "Slim blank" concept, combines the best of darting and spinning techniques.

Its thin and sensitive blank with fast response is ideal for animating Jig heads with vinyl or small metal jigs with vertical touches, but at the same time capable of determinedly launching other artificial ones such as minnows or walkers.

It is mounted with Fuji "K" guides and Fuji VSS reel seat.

Characteristics of the Cinnetic Crafty CRB4 Dart'N Spin rod:

Length stretches folded length Action Recommended Maximum Lure Weight Guy
2.10m 2 110cm 5-20g 15g 118g fast
2.20m 2 115cm 5-15g 12g 120g fast
2.37m 2 125cm 5-25g 20g 140g fast
2.58m 2 134cm 7-27g 25g 155g fast
2.67m 2 137cm 2-35g 30g 175g fast
2.85m 2 147cm 7-40g 35g 195g fast

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