M&W Ocean Hunter Slow Jigging Casting Rod // 80-150g, 100-200g, 150-300g / 1,90m



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Description of the M&W Ocean Hunter Slow Jigging Casting Rod:

The M&W Ocean Hunter Slow Jigging Rod is made of high modulus carbon and has a set of FUJI SIC rings . Very light models exclusively for Casting reels . Designed in several actions to adapt to different types of fishing from Jigging, Slow Jigging to the most extreme fishing. It comes in 3 Actions .

All this offers great flexibility and surprising resistance from the first moment we come into contact with it. Top quality components at an unbeatable price, the best value for money on the market.

M&W Ocean Hunter Slow Jigging Casting Rod Specifications:

Model Length Weight PE-Line Max Lure Weight
B632/4SP 1.90m 160gr 1.5 - 3 80-150gr
B632/5SP 1.90m 164gr 1.5 - 4 100-200gr
B632/6SP 1.90m 169gr 2 - 5 150-300gr

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