Yokozuna Sepia Eging Rod // 20-150g / 1.80m, 2.10m

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Description of the Yokozuna Sepia reed:

The Yokozuna Sepia rod is perfect for Eging fishing, catching cuttlefish and squid. It is divided into two sections to further facilitate its transfer and operation, with an ultra-sensitive tip that will transmit even the slightest movement of the cephalopods. If you are a beginner in the Eging technique or want to start, this is the perfect rod for you.


  • Its blank presents a fiber-epoxy composition.
  • The rings are SIC type.
  • The toe box is ultra-responsive solid grafted.
  • VSS type threaded reel seat.
  • EVA multi-handle.


Characteristics of the Yokozuna Sepia reed:

Model Action Length Answer Weight folded
DYSE180 20-150g
Fast 149g
DYSE210 20-150g 2.10m
Fast 160g

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