Fiiish Candy Shrimp Lure // 15gr, 30gr, 60gr

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Orange Fight
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Description of the FIISH CANDY SHRIMP lure:

The Fiiish Candy Shrimp is a hard lure that imitates a small shrimp or crab, perfect for fishing from the shore and boat to fish for saltwater predators such as snapper, breca, bream and bass.

We can bring Candy Shrimp to life through slow and continuous collection . It mounts a VMC single hook with a patented HPC anti-snag protection system that allows the lure to be left suspended on the seabed, imitating the common activity of shrimps and crustaceans. In addition, it has a hook ring , which allows the Candy Shrimp to be easily lifted off the ground, simulating a shrimp fleeing from a predator.

The movement of its 4 perpendicular legs gives naturalness to this lure, displacing the bottom particles and dragging them. This ability particularly attracts many sparids.

The Orange Fight color has a UV (Ultraviolet) effect , which will reflect this wavelength that penetrates deep water, helping predators to locate it.

Characteristics of the FIISH CANDY SHRIMP lure:

  • VMC Single Hook.
  • HPC patented system.
  • Available weight: 15g, 30g and 60g.

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