Hart Gold-Z Spinning Reel // 1000, 3000

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Hart Gold-Z Reel Description:

The Hart Gold-Z is a versatile and highly desirable reel for anglers of all skill levels. With a lightweight body and graphite rotor, this reel is ideal for spinning and offers an impressive retrieve ratio. But that's not all, the Hart Gold-Z is also perfect for rockfishing and eging , making it an ideal choice for anglers looking for a versatile reel.

The multi-drilled machined spool helps minimize the weight of the reel, making it more comfortable to use and maneuver. The aluminum machined crank, with an EVA knob, is combined with stainless steel bearings to provide a smooth and reliable fishing experience. The mixed felt and stainless steel brake, with a very optimal braking power , offers precise control and a quick response when necessary.

In short, the Hart Gold-Z is a high-quality reel that offers a perfect blend of functionality, performance, and versatility. Use it for your next fishing trips and experience the difference a high quality reel can make.

Hart Gold-Z Specifications:

Reference Size Capacity (mm/m) Ratio BB handle hoop Weight
QHGZ10 1000 0.20/200 - 0.23/155 - 0.25/130 6.2:1 4+1 78cm 235g
QHGZ30 3000 0.25/250 - 0.30/175 - 0.35/130 6:2:1 4+1 91cm 269g

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