Hart Revenge Spinning Reel // 2500, 5000

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Hart Revenge Reel Description:

State-of-the-art reel with an ultra-light aluminum body special for spinning . Sealed aluminum body. Graphite rotor with ergonomic design to reduce its weight while maintaining its resistance. Internal machinery made of high-durability cold-forged aluminum, with a micromodular cut of pinion and crown to increase the smoothness and efficiency of its gear. Super-reinforced main shaft to avoid twisting in combat action . High resistance coil, customized in aluminum with multiperforations. Aluminum machined handle. Ergonomic EVA knob . Extra thick pick-up with integrated oversized line guide. 8 high-quality bearings: 7 stainless steel balls and 1 continuous infinite anti-reverse. Brake with carbon discs to increase grip and powerful and precise stainless steel.

Hart Revenge Reel Features:

Size Capacity (mm/m) Recovery Weight bearings Ratio brake power
5000 0.260/330 - 0.285/290 - 0.310/250 88cm 311g 7+1 5.2:1 15kg
2500 0.235/230 - 0.260/200 - 0.285/180 75cm 252g 7+1 5.2:1 12kg

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