Tailwalk Elan Wide Power Octopus SP 2 Casting Reel

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Tailwalk Elan Wide Power Octopus SP 2 Reel Description:

The Tailwalk Elan Wide Power Octopus SP 2 reel is an excellent option for fishing predators in saltwater such as Serviolas, Dentex, Bonitos, Snappers, Groupers or Catfish in freshwater. This Baitcasting reel is a very versatile and powerful model that is also ideal for Slow-Jigging, Jigging with vinyl, live fishing and the most demanding freshwater fishing, such as catfish fishing.

With more pulling power than its Elan Wide Power 2 sibling, the Octopus is perfect for towing octopus and fishing where you need to "pull" with the reel. Its name Octopus refers to this feature, and it is ideal for those anglers looking for a more powerful reel.

The Wide Power range has high quality features, including two brake systems for the wire exit: the centrifugal brake with 6 resistance levels , by pins and the mechanical brake. These systems make it possible to control the speed of the lure's fall in vertical fishing and to avoid the formation of wigs due to a too rapid exit of the line in casts. In addition, the "Syncro Level Wind System" keeps the thread guide moving at the thread exit, which facilitates thread exit and minimizes friction.

The manufacture of the main body of the reel and the spool in TSAL-2 aluminum with great resistance to corrosion, and the side cover in graphite, minimizes weight. Its handle is adjustable between 60 and 75 mm depending on the type of fishing we are going to do, and it ends in a large EVA knob that makes it easier for us to grip. The easily accessible star combat brake is made of duralumin with carbon discs, which makes it very strong but with a smooth adjustment and resistant to marine corrosion, reaching up to 12 kilos of brake.

In addition, the reel has a switch-operated mode that makes the spool rattle when it rotates, which is very practical to use in fishing where we need to detect the bite by its sound.

In summary, the Tailwalk Elan Wide Power Octopus SP 2 is a high-quality, versatile and powerful reel that offers great performance in different types of fishing and that adapts to the needs of the most demanding anglers.

    Tailwalk Elan Wide Power Octopus SP 2 Reel Features:

    • Includes 200 meters of marked PE3 braid.
    • Ratio: 6.4:1.
    • Maximum brake: 12 kg.
    • Capacity: PE3 - 200m. 39 mm diameter coil.
    • 4BB 1RB. Anti Rust BB.
    • Pickup per turn of the crank: 78 cm.
    • Weight: 315g
    • Simple handle with 2 positions at 60mm and 75mm.
    • Neoprene protection bag included.
    • Cast aluminum body and graphite end caps.
    • Oversized 43mm pommel.

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