Cinnetic OTG Bicolor Tapered Leader Bridge

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Description of Cinnetic Mimetic Ultra Clear:

Our feeder bridges are designed to withstand the most demanding loads to which a feeder bridge can be subjected. During the cast, they transfer all the energy and power generated in the blank, minimizing the loss due to absorption. High quality rat tail.


  • It consists of two parts: one conical and the other parallel, the latter offering calibers and resistance that allow brutal loads.
  • BI-COLOR profile, red in the entire parallel zone, provides a clear reference to the moment in which the fight is on the shore and/or during night fishing days.
  • Suitable for high competition fishing and high power fishing.

Features of Cinnetic Mimetic Ultra Clear:

Diameter Amount
0.18mm -0.58mm 15m x 10
0.20mm - 0.60mm 15m x 10
0.22mm - 0.62mm 15m x 10
0.26mm - 0.62mm 15m x 10

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