Caña Daiwa Legalis Bombette // 3.90m // 30-80g


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Description of the DAIWA LEGALIS BB 39 TH rod:

Legalis Bombette rods are equipped with a solid carbon tip, which allows the detection of the most delicate touches even at a great distance. Fast-acting, they allow the propulsion of bombs at a great distance and their excellent balance provides remarkable comfort to the fisherman.

-Carbon and composite blank.


-Raised SiC single leg rings (2 sliding linked in one tube).

-Zipper reel holder.

-Smooth cuff.

-Fast tip action.

-Threaded cap on the heel.

-Anti-shock cap threaded on the heel.

Characteristics of the DAIWA LEGALIS BB 39 TH rod:

-Length: 3.90m.

-Elements: 6.

-Volume: 129cm.

-Weight: 194g.

-Rings: 8.

-Power: 30-80g

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