Señuelo Vinilo Daiwa Prorex Skinny Worm // 100mm

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Description of Daiwa PROREX Skinny Worm lure

The Skinny Worm is a soft lure from Prorex in the shape of an earthworm with a ringed body perfect for those days when the Black-bass does not want to eat or is cautious. The lure comes to life very easily thanks to its very flexible body. The Skinny Worm is an ideal lure for all Finesse techniques with drop-shot, wacky, split-shot, neko, light Texan or even Tokyo-rig rigs.

Characteristics of the Daiwa PROREX Skinny Worm lure

The lures are coated with a shrimp attractant.

Recommended hook: WKY No. 2 or 4 (Wacky rig), SOS No. 2/0 or 1 (Split-shot rig) or FFN No. 2 or 4 with 5 or 7 g TG slim tungsten lead (drop-shot rig). shot).

Length: 10cm

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