Daiwa Sensor Squid Egig Rod // 5-21g, 7-21g, 7-28g, 30-150g / 1.80m, 2.10m, 2.40m, 2.52m, 2.59m


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Description of the DAIWA SENSOR BOAT SQUID rod:

Daiwa's Sensor Boat Squid range of rods is dedicated to drift boat fishing for cephalopods .

It has different models with a variety of actions to adapt to any situation.

With a very flexible tip, you will be able to overcome the mistrust of cuttlefish and squid.

Its strong power in the heel will allow it to fight without difficulty even with large specimens.

  • High modulus carbon blank.
  • straight plug
  • OAL rings, 2 double, then single legged to the toe.
  • Screw-in hollow reel seat.
  • EVA foam heel and non-slip stopper.
  • tip action.

Features of the DAIWA SENSOR BOAT SQUID rod:

Model Length stretches folded length Weight rings Action
SEBSD180HAF 1.80m 2 94cm 194g 10 30-150g
SEBSD210HAF 2.10m 2 110cm 228g 10 30-150g
SESD702MFSAF 2.10m 2 109cm 156g 7 5-21g
SEBSD240HAF 2.40m 2 126cm 248g 10 30-150g
SESD802MFSAF 2.40m 2 124cm 167g 7 5-21g
SESD802MHFSAF 2.40m 2 125cm 172g 7 7-28g
SESD832MLFSAF 2.52m 2 130cm 173g 7 5-21g
SESD862MFSAF 2.59m 2 134cm 179g 7 7-21g

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