Señuelo Jig Dam Salt-X Mackerel // 30g / 75mm

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Description of SALT-X MACKEREL 30G

The SALT-X MACKEREL CAST JIG SINK; They are based on the body profile of a real mackerel and come with highly realistic details. Casting templates are specially designed for long-distance casts from shore. They come with a front assist hook and a treble hook on the back ready to use right out of the package. The carefully balanced bodies create a strong, erratic wobble action that is perfect for attracting the attention of saltwater predators. These lures have an incredibly wide speed window and can be moved in many ways: fast retrieve, erratic jerks, or jig and drop style where the fish hits it as it flutters down horizontal to the bottom, creating the natural action of a dying baitfish.


  • extremely real body
  • Ideal design for long casts
  • Bright, reflective colors
  • live action
  • Erratic flapping on fall
  • 100% lead free
  • Length: 7.5cm

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