Black Eel 110 x3 bodies

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Description of Black Eel 110 vinyl bodies 3 bodies

Black Eel 110 by Fiiish, is the sum of the concepts of the hidden hook, inverted blade and sharp body that offer the fisherman a highly reactive and realistic lure for slow fishing from shore or boat with light equipment or light spinning fishing near the bottom, even dragging, perfect to imitate a sandeel that swims very slowly. inverted shovel.

How to use the Black Eel?

Designed for fishing at slow or medium speed, vertically, from shore or boat. Originally created for sea fishing, in fresh water when we have to do slow fishing near the bottom it attracts predators.

Linear collection: We can perform a simple linear collection thanks to the ease of movement of its long and narrow tail. We will use this collection in shallow settings where we cannot recreate ourselves too much due to castling, in areas with suspicious fish that require non-aggressive movements of the lure, night shifts that require slow collections, etc.

Saw teeth : With this movement we will squeeze its maximum potential, especially when fishing in the sea. With very smooth saw teeth (its tail moves like a charm at very low speed) and very close to the bottom, we have achieved some good specimens of groupers, maragotas, redfish, etc. and we are sure that this spring it will be one of the most requested lures by dentex, amberjack... looking for them with longer and slightly faster movements. With this sawtooth movement, the Black Eel brings out all its movement, both during the ascent when giving it the pull and in the subsequent descent towards the bottom.

Vertical: Its position when we leave it suspended vertically is perfectly horizontal, which together with the subtle movement of its tail with the weakest of currents will make it a magnificent lure for this booming fishing both in saltwater and in water. sweet for pike, bass and walleye.

Data sheet:

Format: Bodies (3 Bodies) Size: Size 2 (110 mm)

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