Crazy Paddle Tail 150 - Double Combo - Off Shore - 20g

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Description of Crazy Paddle Tail 150 - Double Combo - Off Shore - 20g

Crazy Paddle Tail comes to increase Fiiish's Crazy range with a new action. The sum of the inverted paddle and "Free Hook" concepts have led Fiiish to develop the new Crazy Paddle Tail body adapting to all Crazy Sand Eel heads. A new concept of inverted shovel wider than that of its predecessors. Designed to fish above the bottom, generating a greater amplitude of waves. Very easy to use by any angler, cast and retrieve.

  • "Free Hook" system
  • inverted paddle

The Crazy Paddle Tail is a vinyl lure, with an exposed hook and a fixed lead head that brings together concepts from its predecessors Crazy Sand Eel and Mud Digger, achieving a different swimming and action than the previous ones. Designed for low to fast speed movements. Perfect for prospecting from bottom to surface in linear pickups at medium speed. It is screwed into the water with its tail thanks to the large volume it takes, so the fisherman's technique is not so important since it has a very stable swim.

"Free Hook" System : Exported from the Mud Digger, the Crazy Paddle Tail has the Free Hook system for greater mobility of the lure, greater ease to rig it and make it more resistant after hooking it in the mouth of the fish. The concavity at the exit of the hook prevents tears when it is attached to the mouth of the fish.

Body: Its oval section body reminds us of a sandeel, giving it volume and robustness. The movement of the body comes from the head due to the effect of the tail.

Inverted blade: It is activated very easily by any traction or movement in the water, providing a very accentuated rolling. Its inverted teardrop tail moves a lot of water and activates at a slower speed compared to the traditional tail of the Crazy. Very easy to use.

How to use the Crazy Paddle Tail?

Designed for fishing above the bottom , without dragging, at any speed, from shore or boat. Created to have the alternative to fish with the Crazy range without the need for as much technique as with the Crazy Sand Eel, also its fall is much slower. In moments where we need the lure to hold well in the water, such as windy days or waves, the large blade of the Crazy Paddle Tail is screwed into the water and remains stable while swimming.

Linear collection: We can carry out a simple linear collection thanks to the ease of movement. We will use this collection as the usage basis. Cast, let drop to desired depth, and pick up linearly. We will use it especially in shallow settings where we cannot recreate ourselves in the fall due to castling, in areas of suspicious fish that require non-aggressive movements of the lure, night shifts that require slow retrievals, etc.

Saw teeth: With this movement we will squeeze its maximum potential. With very smooth saw teeth (its tail moves like a charm at very low speed). Look for the fish with long and continuous collections. With this sawtooth movement, the Crazy Paddle Tail brings out all its movement, both during the ascent when giving it the pull and in the subsequent descent towards the bottom.

Vertical : Its position when we leave it suspended vertically is perfectly horizontal, which together with the easy movement of its tail will make it a magnificent lure to fish only with the drift of the boat.

Data sheet:

Format: Double Combo - 2 bodies of 15cm and two Off Shore heads of 20g

Colors: Khaki and Pearl Blue.

Measurement: Size 3 (150 mm)

It uses the jig heads from the Crazy Sand Eel 150.

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