Señuelo Chatterbait 10Ftu Addy // 14g

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Description of lure 10FTU CHATTERBAIT ADDY:

Addy 10FTU Chatter Bait characterized by a great swing and a strong vibration generated by its 0.5mm thick blade that works perfectly in the cloudiest areas.

Its 1.0mm thick nylon anti-algae is finished with a small metal sheet that adds vibrancy and visibility to the composition. It should be noted that the different color combinations have been carefully selected so that the blade, head and sides give a sensation of total unity.

The Addy mounts a strong and robust hook manufactured by the prestigious Hayabusa brand, while the anti-algae and the fringes and accessories are manufactured by Water Land. All this, assembling by hand, without using glues or glues.

  • Weight: 14g
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