Señuelo Minnow Apia Bagration // 80mm / 13g

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Apia Bagration lure description:

BAGRATION is one of Yusuuke RED Nakamura's creations and like all lures designed by this Lure Design genius, it is a box of surprises.

This small lure presents an erratic action and a simply spectacular Rolling on the fall. Depending on the position of the rod and the movement that we exercise, it will behave in one way or another, even with dry twitchs , leading to an erratic rod in which it will end up showing its flanks to the side like a wounded fish.

Characteristics of the Apia Bagration lure:

  • Weight: 13g
  • Size: 80mm
  • Various colors
  • Contains jigs
  • sinking: sunk

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