Señuelo Vibratil Apia Gold One // 37mm / 5g

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Description of the Apia Gold One 37mm lure

GOLD ONE 37 is one of those fun lures like few others! This is a mini vibratil with a nervous Wobbling tail that, due to its nature, will save us more than one day fishing Light Game in windy and rough seas due to its ability to grip the water. If we add to this the possibility of performing a " Dart " action from side to side, the result is a versatile lure capable of awakening predatory instinct in apathetic fish. Also, because of his swimming posture, it is difficult to miss him!

Characteristics of the Apia Gold One 37mm lure

  • Length: 3.7cm
  • Weight: 5g
  • Hooks: 1 Triple Hook No. 14

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