Anzuelo Simple Texas Decoy Worm // 4/0, 3/0, 2/0, 1/0, 1

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Description of DECOY WORM 17kg

These ultra sharp Japanese hooks are specially formed from high carbon steel to ensure durability and reliability during every use.

DECOY offers you the most suitable fishing hooks. They are made of iron-carbon-vanadium-chromium-nickel . All of Katsuichi DECOY's heating and tempering processes are automatically controlled to ensure the highest quality in our Japanese factory. DECOY hooks use different shapes of tips, we choose the BEST DESIGN for each target species. DECOY hooks go through strictly controlled forging processes, which significantly increases their durability.

The Worm 17 Kg Hook has a very versatile shape to be able to mount different types of lures. Made with a more open curvature, designed to keep the hook from the hook to the angler's hand.

  • Hook type: with death

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