DECOY Y-W77 // 0.72g, 2g

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Description of Hook Decoy YW77

This has been love at first sight, they are essential hooks, we like the Decoy YW 77 and for several reasons.

The Decoy YW 77 have a slightly shorter leg than the traditional triples , and this gives us an immediate advantage, a saving in weight, despite the fact that the steel continues to be thicker and more robust.

Then they offer us a "wide gap", that is, the curve of the hook is wide, and here it is not necessary for us to tell you that this is an important element to improve hooking. Finally, that tip, sharp as a katana, reminds us of a raptor's claw, which when it enters, no longer comes out.

If you are planning to change the trebles to your lures, take into account the Decoy YW 77 because they will not disappoint you, the only thing you have to be careful with the measurements, as they are different in size and opening, you have to test well if the original treble size is It also goes for these claws. We recommend these Decoy YW 77 for all the fishing that we can practice on our coasts, excluding only the most extreme. The quality is as usual top notch and they offer excellent corrosion resistance.

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