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Blue Sardine
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Description of MOLIX JUGULO lure:

The Molix Juglo is perhaps one of the best known and most used Jig-casting on our coasts . It is a very easy-to-use lure that allows you to fish a huge variety of spinning species from a great distance during spring and summer: horse mackerel, bonito, little tunny, bailas, obladas, pomfret...

A lure that should not be missing in any angler's lure box in the hottest months when schools of small fish are besieged by seasonal predators. This lure fishes very well making it swim with slow jerks taking it slow. This jig fishes normally in the fall of the lure because you have to be attentive and maintain contact with it all the time. It has exceptional quality finishes.

  • Weight: 10g

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