Señuelo Paseante Hundido Apia Pozi Drive ZigZag Bait // 80mm / 17g

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Description of the lure POZI DRIVE ZIGZAG BAIT 80S:

The ZigZag Bait 80s is one of the sinking walkers that as soon as you throw it into the water it becomes an essential element in your lure box. Its zig zag from side to side with a simple linear collection is both surprising, plasticity and styling are the same, marking soft swaggers from side to side with a perfect rhythm in their movements, so it is ideal for your use in estuaries, ports and beaches with calm waters . At the same time, if at any time you want to create a more erratic movement, it perfectly admits jerks in which it will unleash all its nerve displacing water with its lateral flanks and making itself noticed.

Features of the POZI DRIVE ZIGZAG BAIT 80S lure:

  • Size: 80mm
  • Weight: 17g
  • Type: sinking
  • Depth: 20-60cm

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